Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The most awesome Mufti Day post

Sexy pose

Mufti Day was fun when we got to walk around and take random photos of our friends. Despite that most of them refused to have their photos taken, most of the time. First thing I did when I reached school this morning, I wore my sunglasses and camwhored with some other friends. Gurjit and all the gangs were hanging outside the class and I could see a variety of styles and colours.

4E2 photo shoot

As usual, an assembly was held and the speeches were way too long. One hour was wasted just for that freaking assembly. Later, we went back to our class and started making all the noise, including taking photos. After the recess, we were given a chance to snap photos with all the seniors. I enjoyed it. And I lost my sunglasses when school ended.


I have no idea whats Federick doing

The joyfulness

Jacky with his coolest attire

The gangs

Hafreez, Nicholas and Ransley

Smiling and looking

Nicholas was taking a photo of his watch

Federick was looking at the girs

Ben Yu and Carolyn


Ransley Hii

Charlene Tang

Kim Chin

Nizar and Sharon

Darren Diewo

Jacky Lau

Kenny and Daryl

Laughing at Nicholas

Daryl and Nicholas

Chung Yu

Federick drawing


Curious of what I wore to school today? Follow me up on Facebook and look for my photo albums. I'll have another post for the Mufti Day as I could not upload all the photos into this post. I'll post my own photos too. To be continue.