Friday, 30 July 2010

Enjoy the little things

Blogging serves no purpose, apart from making money out of it. I remembered the time when I blogged three times a day, and I actually attacked others solely to get attention. I insulted people in my blog posts and I made them jizz in their pants, not knowing that the controversy had helped my blog jumped up on the public.

There was once when I enjoyed playing Gunz for more than eight months, and I played it every afternoon for at least 2 hours, without even getting bored of it. It took me endless hours to upgrade my levels and weapons, including customizing my own Gunz characters. Sometimes, I would just spend 4 hours to look for the cheats and hacks. And I used them in quest to get good items.

These are the little things which I enjoyed two years ago. But now, everything has changed.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Updating Modern Warfare 2 AlterIWNet version 1.3.37a the Manual Way

You have two options. You can either update the game using the official AutoUpdater by the administrator of AlterIWNet or you can manually update the game using direct downloads from popular hosting sites like

METHOD A (Auto Update):

Download AlterIWNet, version 1.3.37a Full, plus bugfixes. (MultiUpload)

Download AlterIWNet, version 1.3.37a Full, plus bugfixes. (USA Mirror)

METHOD B (Update the game manually):

1. Make a backup of your Modern Warfare 2 game folder.
2. Download Resurgence map pack at
3. Download iw_23.iwd file at
4. Download the Auto Update file at
5. Create a new folder in "ZONE" and rename it to "DLC". Now, your Zone folder should have two different folders named DLC and ENGLISH.
6. Copy all the STIMULUS and RESURGENCE MAP FILES (example, mp_crash.ff) and paste them into the DLC folder.
7. Copy and paste the iw_23.iwd file that you have downloaded into "MAIN" folder in your Modern Warfare 2 directory.
8. Copy all the files in the AutoUpdate folder and overwrite them in your Modern Warfare 2 directory.
9. Run iw4mp.exe and the auto update window should appear.
10. It will run the update in less than 3 minutes.
11. Run game and start playing.

If Method B doesn't work for you, then you have missed one of the steps. Because it is working for me and I just played a Team Deathmatch game in Salvage just now. If method B doesn't work for you, just use the Auto Updater and wait for 12 hours.