Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Everyone goes through failure

My teacher announced that I was one of the few students who had scored badly in the BM papers. I actually failed both the papers and I don't think you'd want to see my marks. They are very bad. Anyway, I'm still living a very cheerful lifestyle and I don't give a damn on those papers. But I'll definitely spend some times reading BM reference books.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Another hectic week ahead

Classes start next week and we have exactly 5 months left to the SPM. And another few weeks to the trial exams. I have to attend boring lessons, I wish I could just stay at home and do my own revisions as I don't listen to the teachers most of the time.

I believe most of you have noticed about this. School teachers like to use slide shows and presentations to teach the students, they seldom use the blackboard to teach. Or sometimes, they use the government discs (I don't know how to describe it) to teach. Later, they give us plenty of homework to do and if we couldn't finish them, we are so dead. During examination, they love to set difficult questions that most students cannot do. Once we fail, we have to go for their tuition classes and pay the monthly fees.

On the other hand, tuition teachers are different. They don't teach in school but they become permanent tuition teachers in some random tuition centers. I respect these teachers. They don't get paid by the government but they gain their salaries from us. That is why we often see the determination in them. They really put in a lot of effort to teach us, so that we could achieve excellent results in those particular subjects.

Money is the cause of everything.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

My regular MW2 score

After playing Modern Warfare 2 for a month, I realise I've made it past the noobie stage. I'm Level 51 now and I'm proud of it. Anyway, my death counts are still higher than my kills. I can never improve that. And my highest killstreak is only 9. Below here is my regular MW2 score. My nick name is ROFL.

Lets compare to this. This is another score obtained by a dude in AlterIW forum. He kicked ass because he was the host, and maybe he hacked. We never know.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Jay Chou's new music videos are somehow retarded

No offense but this is my personal opinion about Jay Chou's new music videos. He released an album last month which was entitled "The Era". I like the songs but not the music videos. The vampire music video is retarded. I hate the idea of using vampire as the main theme of the album, it is like plagiarising Twilight.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

When you have unlimited airdrops and you abuse them

I found a mod which lets you have unlimited emergency airdrops each time you spawn. I downloaded it and I had fun spamming hundreds of airdrops. If only I could use it with the retarded bots. Anyway, AgentGod loader can only load one mod at a time, so screw that. I want to start a server with this mod next time around. Had been successfully injected the Retarded Enemies into a private match between me and Daniel, but it lagged a lot. Alright, that's all.

I hope more mods will be released soon. One of them include the GunGame. GunGame is actually fun if you love to knife. The game starts with all the players with zero perks and zero guns. The only thing that each and every player could do is to throw a knife. Once a player kills an enemy with a throwing knife, he is rewarded with a gun. That's it. As you kill, you get more guns and perks. I should say it is something like a modded old school mode.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Internet Protocol Man 2

Internet Protocol Man. It is like an insult towards Ye Wen. Anyway, the movie is amazing and I never thought it would be as awesome as Mass Effect 2 storyline. I am saying about IP Man 1. Not IP Man 2. Going to watch it soon, I'm so out dated I know. I think I'm going to change my nick in AlterIW to 葉問. Hmmm.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

If you have a weak graphic card

If you have a weak graphic card, and you want to play decent games like Modern Warfare 2 or Conviction, then I have a few tips for you here.

1. Run the game on 800x600 resolution to improve your speed, especially when you're playing online games like Modern Warfare 2. Switch to windowed mode if you couldn't stand looking at all those annoying pixels.

2. Overclock your graphic card and processor to improve your game fps. Look for the tutorials in Google, take your own risk.

3. Lower all the settings, do not max out, and you could just run the game smoothly on 1024x768 resolution full screen.

4. Start the game that you want to improve its framerate. When the game is started, go to task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del. Switch to processes on task manager to where it shows all the processes running on your pc. Find the game you want and right click it. Hover down to "Set Priority" and set it to high (Do not set to realtime! Will cause severe system lagg!) Continue playing your game.

5. Download Game Booster and stop all unnecessary programs. It can help you to optimise your PC for a smoother and more responsive gameplay. It also cleans your RAM and intensifies your processor performance.

6. Don't play new games, play old games. Or just get a new graphic card. Or you buy a new CPU.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Beat Hazard, Madballs in Babo:Invasion

Went to buy two new shirts today. Damn, I am lack of casual shirts. Anyway, I saw a sexy little kid just now. Sorry, that was just a phail joke that no one would laugh at. I downloaded two games in one hour, screw that laggy connection I have. Madballs is quite fun but the camera is somehow annoying, and the worst part is, you can't save the game as its non-steam version. On the other hand, Beat Hazard is freaking addictive. I like the arcade shooting gameplay, its so satisfying. And I get to play my own music collections in that game.

Usher featuring Will.I.Am OMG is so not nice.