Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Quick Update on Zuma's Revenge

This game is good if you don't have a decent gaming rig, or if your internet speed is bullcrap, provided that you have the patient to play this game. Anyway, it is for kids but I enjoy playing it, so I'm still a kid. Lets move on. Well, I became active in Innit Nuffnang again, that is why you see a lot of spam messages in my Chat Box like "Nanged! Please visit my blog!" Just ignore them. I was once like them. Being a blog whore just to earn money with Nuffnang. That was two years ago.

Lol, throwing knife practice with Daniel in the map Rust was fun. Never knew that Commando perk is so useful. I rarely knife people. That is definitely my weak point. Vector is good because its fire rate is high. And I can't wait to get an ACR. It is like an auto sniper. Damn it lol.

My Older Post: Modern Love

Modern Love

For the past few weeks, I noticed a change in the behavior of mine towards a girl. Maybe it is because she is extraordinary and I couldn't find someone like her in my entire whole life. My low intelligence has led to this love relationship which is actually a force oscillation, according to my tuition teacher. I tried talking to her, asking her random annoying questions, which do not serve any benefits towards both parties. In other words, I screwed.

When your love or feeling is being pushed aside, you feel like your life has ended. It is all because you love her so much that you can't lose her. Yeah, I know you want to travel your whole life with her, but sometimes, you have to accept the fact that she doesn't like you. You refers indirectly to me. I am directly proportional to you, and when I increase, you increase.

Lets just ignore her. Resurgence pack is coming! Another three new awesome and expensive maps from Infinity Ward, and two maps from Call of Duty 4. I'll post the screenshots of the maps in my next post. Not now please. The next patch will be available in a few days, and I hope there will be a new friend system for private matches. Would be fun.

I have to start studying tomorrow. I'm going to start off with Sejarah. And redox reaction.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Headquarters Pro Private Match

Inviting players to join our Headquarters Pro private server. Download the new client files from and head over to the Headquarters Pro game mode. You'll be automatically directed to the server that we host.

Anyway, we only play a few maps like Rust, Scrapyard, Terminal, Highrise, etc, as the number of players is too little. All credits go to Darren for finding a solution to this private match hosting.

Game Mode: Headquarters Pro
Game Type: Free For All, Team Deathmatch
Maps: Rust, Scrapyard, Highrise, Bailout, Salvage, Afghan, Terminal
Current players: Virtual, Numbersss, Baguerst, Razyrr