Friday, 26 December 2008

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan Part 1

Ohps, this Indian was a Korean, he flew all the way from Korea to give this talk

I'm a passenger, at the back seat, thats Daryl

and Hafreez

It took me almost one week to complete this post. Sigh. At least for now. So, Hafreez and I decided to hang out at Toys' World and Belle's Bookshop as we couldn't attend the enzyme making workshop. You can't expect us to go to Secret Recipe and waste our money just for cheese. Well, we're considered very lucky because Daryl's father was willing to drop us there.


the main entrance

I'd been trying to be thrifty for about one year and I'm not going to spend my money for no reason. I had 5 bucks in my wallet, just in case I need them for emergency. Hey. Wait. I'm out of topic.

some random pic I took, while waiting for people to come, but I phailed

dark cloud as you can see

So, we went to look around for books and toys. At the same time, I was enjoying the Christmas spirit, you know, they have variety of decorations, jingle bells and Christmas trees. I wanted to take photos but the salesgirl didn't allow me to do so. I was seriously pissed off, we went there for a window shopping, taking photos, not stealing. Anyway, I will just upload the photos here.

Those are beds

The result, don't you understand? Read again from top.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

YLC Camp at Miri Borneo Tropical Rainforest Part 1 - I'm the black sheep of my group

As stated, I'm the black sheep of Group 6, namely Chilly Crab. You'll know how it feels like when you are grouped together with other people whom you may not know. This brings awkwardness and at the same time, oddness.

As I arrived at the BSMM Headquarters at around 7.00 am, Daryl and Hafreez were informing that we're all divided into three different groups. Dang it. When I saw the lists of names in my team, I was quite amazed to see Elaine's name in it. Well, I have a classmate in St. Columba, named Elaine Kong. On the other hand, Elaine in my team was from Chung Hua.

Moving on, all electronics and soft drinks would be confiscated by the one in charge before we proceeded to the resort. So, I brought my watch and a can of coke. I didn't surrender my Coke as it was kept in a box of which I'd tied it very tight earlier on. I felt so lazy to open it.

At 9.30 am, we proceeded to the Borneo Rainforest. They should have rented 3 buses instead of 2. As a result, some of the members had to stand and I knew they would soon get tired because the journey was like 2 hours long.

In the bus, surprisingly, I got to sit with a girl from Dato Permaisuri. She was one of my group members. Sweat that I didn't greet her. Okay, right now, I want to skip all these craps and move on with the Rainforest thingy.

Miri Borneo Tropical Rainforest, a place developed without customers. Maybe it was located quite far from Miri and Bintulu, I guess. There, we're served with a glass of orange juice each.

Then, we went into the campsite which reminded me of Demi Lovato from Camp Rock, to be continued?

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

School Holidays

Keropok Thursday, lamest tradition

Alright, as you can see, shopping complexes are having Back To School promotions eventhough the school holidays have just started. Don't ask me why. Next, I feel kinda jealous with those going for the Kuching trip as they are now having fun with lots of places to visit.

Besides, Darren got the opportunity to go to Kelantan for his well known debate competition. Nelson, Gurjit, Lau, Ransley and other boys were in the basketball team for a tournament in Chung Hua. Federick, on the other hand, was practicing with his friends in the football team with Cikgu Luqman.

Amanda and Joanne, as usual, are gaining popularity among students. Emileen, Elaine, Rebecca, Audrey, Elaine and other librarians are helping Mdm Lew with the scanning process.

And lastly, Wilson Phua. So, what about me? I just stay at home doing random stuffs. I blog, I shit, I eat, I watch pornos, I sleep and I think about Elaine. Then, I got bored of all these craps. I blog for nothing, I shit like everyone else, I eat to fill up my tummy, I watch pornos to satisfy myself, I sleep cause I'm tired and I think about Elaine as I need someone to comfort me as well.

Sometimes, I do ask myself this. Can I change my lifestyle? It is getting tiring and uninteresting each day. Can I have a part time blow job at supermarket? I seriously wanna work at Boulevard, as a trolley boy. If not, I would rather work as a waiter in KFC rather than staying at home alone!

Moving on, I wonder how is it like when I'm studying in Form 4. Will it be a honeymoon year for me or in the other way round? Just tell me what shall I do during the long school holidays. If you are boring.

Random pic from the net, hot? Okay, this is not about being emo like some of the bloggers who download templates from Blog Skin, ehem, I'm not talking about anyone...

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Scariest Emoticon in the World

Okay, obviously, it is the scariest and the longest emoticon in the world, maybe not. It is a "penis"! Click here to look at the uncensored photo. Parental guidance is needed.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Birthday Nightmares...

I won't mention their names here. But I will explain why birthdays are nightmares. First of all, I would like to apologise cause I didn't update this blog since I've been busy hosting the Chinese Pop Entertainment Website and doing revision for my upcoming exams.


So, I have this friend, namely Unknown. He gives away weird presents such as bras and human structure lamp with penis. I'm not very sure on how to explain those presents he bought, but I know they are weird and of course, funny. Laugh out loudly lahh.