Saturday, 15 September 2012

Most Epic One Second of my Battlefield 3 Experience

It has been two months since I last played Battlefield 3 multiplayer on Origin. Yesterday, I updated and patched the game, there was a 2GB update for the Close Quarters and Armored Kill Premium map packs. But too bad, I can't seem to afford the Battlefield 3 Premium membership. Anyway, I just played it again this afternoon. I guess the map was Kharg Island. Surprisingly, the Battlefield 3 community is still there, I thought most of them either move on to Diablo 3 or Guild Wars 2.


So, I was exploring the map. Trying to capture a point or what you call it as, the flag. I saw this dude camping at one place, I knifed him from the back and I got sniped at that very instant. It all happened within 1 second.

Same shit, different day

Look. Same shit different day. That's just great. Assignments, exams, quizzes, games, girls. Nothing really interesting to begin with. Where's the Orgasm of Life? Sometimes, it's just too tiring to repeat the same shit everyday, am I right? Probably everyone feels the same. Or maybe I'm the only one facing this shit, who knows.

It feels good to reopen my blog, and no way it's going to be like the previous one. No more offensive blog posts and I'm not expecting it to be another controversial blog. Just want to keep it private among fellow gamers out there. I'll be posting screenshots and games benchmark to keep it alive. Hope to see progress in this blog again, and I want to increase my earnings in Nuffnang. So, make sure you click those ads in my blog. Thanks mang. :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Batman Arkham City Funhouse Brawl Gameplay and Screenshots

My rig specifications:

Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @3.30GHz (Quad Core 4 CPUs) | Asus P8H61-MLX | Corsair 2X4GB RAM | SEAGATE 1TB HDD | LEADTEK WINFAST GTX560Ti 1GB GDDR5 | LG 24X DVD Writer | Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Casing | Cooler Master PSU GX650W BRONZE EDITION | ASUS PCE-N10 PCI-E Adapter Wireless N | Acer 18.5" X193HQ LCD Monitor 1366x768 | SONY SRS-D5 2.1ch Speakers Multimedia Speakers

Description: First up, I'd like to clarify something about my channel. Starting from today onwards, I won't be uploading gameplay videos and benchmark of the Nvidia Geforce GT540M mobile graphics card. I am no longer using that laptop as I gave it to my dad. Right now I'm using a desktop and all my future games will be played on a GTX 560 Ti.

Let's get back to the topic. Batman Arkham City FunHouse Brawl. What is this?! Owh well, it is just another challenge map, you can only unlock it with the purchase of the Batman Arkham City DLC. Apart from that, you have to roam around Arkham City to look for riddles and trophies and complete all the challenges including those side missions to unlock the custom maps. It is pretty hard and I spend almost one week to unlock all these challenge maps..and..Catwoman! Yes, Catwoman is one of my favourites. Harley Quinn too.

Anyway, I'm running on ultra settings, but without DirectX 11 features. I manage to get constant 60FPS in challenge mode, while 40 - 60FPS while roaming around Arkham City. To be precise, I'm running the game on Nvidia 32XMSAA Anti Aliasing. When I enable the DirectX11 features, there are some delays and spiky scenes. The DirectX 11 for this game is not really optimised. I can run Battlefield 3 on DX11 with a smooth frame rate.