Friday, 30 July 2010

Enjoy the little things

Blogging serves no purpose, apart from making money out of it. I remembered the time when I blogged three times a day, and I actually attacked others solely to get attention. I insulted people in my blog posts and I made them jizz in their pants, not knowing that the controversy had helped my blog jumped up on the public.

There was once when I enjoyed playing Gunz for more than eight months, and I played it every afternoon for at least 2 hours, without even getting bored of it. It took me endless hours to upgrade my levels and weapons, including customizing my own Gunz characters. Sometimes, I would just spend 4 hours to look for the cheats and hacks. And I used them in quest to get good items.

These are the little things which I enjoyed two years ago. But now, everything has changed.

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