Wednesday, 5 November 2008

School Holidays

Keropok Thursday, lamest tradition

Alright, as you can see, shopping complexes are having Back To School promotions eventhough the school holidays have just started. Don't ask me why. Next, I feel kinda jealous with those going for the Kuching trip as they are now having fun with lots of places to visit.

Besides, Darren got the opportunity to go to Kelantan for his well known debate competition. Nelson, Gurjit, Lau, Ransley and other boys were in the basketball team for a tournament in Chung Hua. Federick, on the other hand, was practicing with his friends in the football team with Cikgu Luqman.

Amanda and Joanne, as usual, are gaining popularity among students. Emileen, Elaine, Rebecca, Audrey, Elaine and other librarians are helping Mdm Lew with the scanning process.

And lastly, Wilson Phua. So, what about me? I just stay at home doing random stuffs. I blog, I shit, I eat, I watch pornos, I sleep and I think about Elaine. Then, I got bored of all these craps. I blog for nothing, I shit like everyone else, I eat to fill up my tummy, I watch pornos to satisfy myself, I sleep cause I'm tired and I think about Elaine as I need someone to comfort me as well.

Sometimes, I do ask myself this. Can I change my lifestyle? It is getting tiring and uninteresting each day. Can I have a part time blow job at supermarket? I seriously wanna work at Boulevard, as a trolley boy. If not, I would rather work as a waiter in KFC rather than staying at home alone!

Moving on, I wonder how is it like when I'm studying in Form 4. Will it be a honeymoon year for me or in the other way round? Just tell me what shall I do during the long school holidays. If you are boring.

Random pic from the net, hot? Okay, this is not about being emo like some of the bloggers who download templates from Blog Skin, ehem, I'm not talking about anyone...

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Kah Ee said...

x) hey Wilson right~?
sorry for reply you late.
no access to the computer

the girl in the 10th picture
is actually a nuffnang nuffie x)
so i'm not really sure who they are.
haha. xP sorry yeah~