Saturday, 22 November 2008

YLC Camp at Miri Borneo Tropical Rainforest Part 1 - I'm the black sheep of my group

As stated, I'm the black sheep of Group 6, namely Chilly Crab. You'll know how it feels like when you are grouped together with other people whom you may not know. This brings awkwardness and at the same time, oddness.

As I arrived at the BSMM Headquarters at around 7.00 am, Daryl and Hafreez were informing that we're all divided into three different groups. Dang it. When I saw the lists of names in my team, I was quite amazed to see Elaine's name in it. Well, I have a classmate in St. Columba, named Elaine Kong. On the other hand, Elaine in my team was from Chung Hua.

Moving on, all electronics and soft drinks would be confiscated by the one in charge before we proceeded to the resort. So, I brought my watch and a can of coke. I didn't surrender my Coke as it was kept in a box of which I'd tied it very tight earlier on. I felt so lazy to open it.

At 9.30 am, we proceeded to the Borneo Rainforest. They should have rented 3 buses instead of 2. As a result, some of the members had to stand and I knew they would soon get tired because the journey was like 2 hours long.

In the bus, surprisingly, I got to sit with a girl from Dato Permaisuri. She was one of my group members. Sweat that I didn't greet her. Okay, right now, I want to skip all these craps and move on with the Rainforest thingy.

Miri Borneo Tropical Rainforest, a place developed without customers. Maybe it was located quite far from Miri and Bintulu, I guess. There, we're served with a glass of orange juice each.

Then, we went into the campsite which reminded me of Demi Lovato from Camp Rock, to be continued?

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Anonymous said...

Haha...saw your comment on my chatter box. Hehe...YLC camp nice? You are from which school? Form? Btw, how you know me? Haha... I am quite busybody >__<