Friday, 3 September 2010

I'm a pathetic noob

I give up on Tumblr. I give up on Heroes of Newerth. I give up on Modern Warfare 2. I'm a noob and will always be a noob for life. I'm a feeder and I die within 5 seconds after respawning. That is so fucking disappointed. And the community is so not user friendly that I would rather play with AI bots like those in StarCraft 2. Yes, StarCraft 2 is an exception. Everyone needs to play it no matter what.

Like what Darren had told me earlier on, we can't change our destiny. But I can always change the way I live. I'm going to focus more on my upcoming SPM, although I just don't feel the pressure. Its 2 months left what the fuck. Anyway, who cares. Everyone will only feel the unforgiving pressure when its like few days before the exam.

I'm blogging again because I want to collect money from Nuffnang. I'm planning to buy a gaming desktop by the middle of next year, or probably after the SPM results. I'm getting it from a very well known dealer in Miri, StratOS Enterprise. He sells at a very cheap price and that is why everyone goes for him. Buying a desktop isn't that ideal because I might go outside of Miri for further studies. But don't you expect me to buy a gaming laptop, including those with core i5 or i7 as they will get super outdated some day, and I'm not willing to spend money to buy a new one. Plus, a laptop is not for gaming.

Starting today, I will have frequent updates on games and lives only. So, if for some reason you hate this fucked-up blog, then just get the hell outta here. I'm Wilson and I'm a nerd.

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