Tuesday, 14 December 2010

11 year old girl gets raped 100 times! FFFUUUUU

THE incident of a young girl who was raped over 100 times in three months was only exposed a few days ago when her mother wrote about it in her weibo (micro-blogging site) last month.

Tang Juan from Yongzhou in China appealed to the public for medicinal prescriptions to help her daughter, 11, who had contracted a sexually-transmitted disease.


The girl also suffers from minor mental problems after the rapes, reported The Daily Chilli.

On Oct 1, 2006, her daughter followed Zhou Junhui, 23, to dinner - a man whom she had just befriended at an ice-skating arena.

Zhou took her to a video shop after dinner and raped her several times.

He threatened to tell her teachers and classmates, and even kill her entire family, if she told anyone of the rapes.

Two days later, Zhou forced her to follow him to "work".

The girl then left a note for her parents: "Mama, I can't study anymore, they wnt me to work, I must go. Mama, I will be back, I must come back..."

Tang lodged a police report and went in search for her daughter.

She said she had sex for over 100 times since she left home and at one time, she was even gang-raped by four men for five hours.

The young girl was given 30 yuan (S$5.92) for every customer she served, while the boss at the leisure club took 70 yuan.

Zhou took all the money she earned.

Police have charged seven people in connection with the case.



phreak-id said...

Oh My God. What do this guy see in 11 y.o girl? they are really sick

theeggyolks said...

those people are crazy -_-"

shelbybaby said...

i just lost my dinner appetite and this does not happen easily... *nauseated*