Friday, 26 December 2008

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan Part 1

Ohps, this Indian was a Korean, he flew all the way from Korea to give this talk

I'm a passenger, at the back seat, thats Daryl

and Hafreez

It took me almost one week to complete this post. Sigh. At least for now. So, Hafreez and I decided to hang out at Toys' World and Belle's Bookshop as we couldn't attend the enzyme making workshop. You can't expect us to go to Secret Recipe and waste our money just for cheese. Well, we're considered very lucky because Daryl's father was willing to drop us there.


the main entrance

I'd been trying to be thrifty for about one year and I'm not going to spend my money for no reason. I had 5 bucks in my wallet, just in case I need them for emergency. Hey. Wait. I'm out of topic.

some random pic I took, while waiting for people to come, but I phailed

dark cloud as you can see

So, we went to look around for books and toys. At the same time, I was enjoying the Christmas spirit, you know, they have variety of decorations, jingle bells and Christmas trees. I wanted to take photos but the salesgirl didn't allow me to do so. I was seriously pissed off, we went there for a window shopping, taking photos, not stealing. Anyway, I will just upload the photos here.

Those are beds

The result, don't you understand? Read again from top.

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