Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mass Effect 2

I wouldn't mind spending more than 5 hours in front of my PC just to play Mass Effect 2. It is not just a casual third person shooting game. It is freaking awesome and amazing. One thing I like about it is that the graphics have a very high texture, like duh, it took Bioware 3 years to produce this game. And it has a great storyline, I don't really understand part of it. But anyway, it has a better framerate as compared to the previous Mass Effect 1.

Too many missions that I couldn't complete the game in two days. Modern Warfare 2 single player mode is extremely short and most of us could easily complete the game in less than four hours. But not Mass Effect 2. I don't think I could finish the game in one week. Seriously, it is really worth it to get an original copy of Mass Effect 2, but I didn't! Cause I'm too cheapskate to get one. Bioshock 2 is out and everyone is like so obsessed with it, I'm not.

Chinese New Year in two days and yet, I'm still talking about studies. Because the SPM has ruined my life. I remember I was so hyper last year when it was near to Chinese New Year. But certainly not this year. Why? Because there are so many unnecessary topical exams and homework. Why don't they just get rid of those topical tests and let us have all our full mark during the real exam?

Screw those people who didn't declare a holiday for tomorrow. Its the eve of the Chinese New Year's eve and we have to go back to school in the morning. Its okay. I'm not gonna learn anything, and lots of students will not be attending classes tomorrow. This is my assumption. Lets just see.


Anonymous said...

Pirating Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 again?

wilson said...

only mass effect 2

Anonymous said...


mass effect 2 used a 5 years old game engine hence the optimisation(better framerate)