Friday, 5 February 2010

Most Unlucky Things Today

Today is like the worst day of year 2010. I felt so unlucky and I guess I was just being too paranoid about everything. So, here's the list of all the bad things that had happened to me this morning.

1. I didn't do the last question of the Additional Maths Topical Test 2. That question carried 10 marks and I left it blank as the time limit given was only 15 minutes. And we had to answer 4 questions altogether. The first two questions required us to write long equations, and the third one required us to draw a graph. And we had to do all of these in less than 20 minutes because it was the Friday's time table.

2. I was being punished by my BM teacher for not completing my homework. After that, I finished all of it and was given a chance to sit down. Later, I stole some garlic bread from Nicholas and ate it. The teacher found it out and the next thing I knew was, dead.

3. I went down to the toilet during the school recess as usual and was expecting to see her. But she didn't appear.

4. It was Biology and the teacher told us that we are going to have a test on next Tuesday. Besides that, there are going to be another 3 topical tests before the Chinese New Year, Chemistry Chapter 9, BM Komsas and Sejarah Bab 1.

5. Was doing the English oral and Federick made his funny expressions to distract me. It was so annoying because that face was just too funny and creepy. However, I got 30/30 for it. Kind of surprised.

6. Went home and I told my dad that I want to skip school tomorrow as I find it useless. It is better for me to stay at home and do some revisions for the exams next week. But he didn't allow me to do so, saying that I would miss some of the important notes given by the teachers.

Senior life is crap.

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