Saturday, 6 March 2010

My Streamyx will be unsubscribed soon,

I had been working so hard for the last three weeks, since the week before the Chinese New Year. I believe everyone of us has the fighting spirit which is a good thing. I actually spent four hours a day to do my revision during normal school days. And I spent nine hours a day during exams. Last week was my first mid term exam. I had enough stress doing all sorts of revision and I had a serious lips crack. And yesterday was the last day of exam, I thought I could go online and seek for some entertainment, I just "thought". Today, my parents want to unsubscribe the Streamyx because its the SPM year. That's it.

And therefore, I have to do something. First, I'm going to fail my exam on purpose. I'm going to study very hard at the same time, but during exams, I'm going to write all the correct answers in the exam pad given and keep it, and hand in those which are blank to the teachers. I do this because I believe SPM is still important, and all those early preparations are for my SPM.

And I hope my dad unsubscribe the Streamyx because all the teachers know I'm bad. I have a very bad attitude because I don't believe in God, because I have all those scientific knowledge in my mind, and I don't care if you think this is offensive, because this is my own mind and I don't believe in the existence of God till someone proofs it in front of me. I am naughty and I don't respect most of the teachers. I'm going to be dead on April 9th, which is the first Hari Pelanggan, but now I don't care because I have a reason for my parents, and my reason is "cause I have no Streamyx!"

.....And what if all of these really happen? I can't wait for Semester 1 and get 14/100 for my Biology.

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. I read this from a rndm link somewhere.

I just finished my Organic Chem midterm this morning. It was not far from what I expected, but i didn't study 9 hours a day. average expectations.

I think you know you're being ridiculous, and that you only wrote that bc no one reads it.

I'm not sure what SPM is but judging from u having 'biology', ur prolly in highschool or first year uni. Either way, they sound pretty important.

As important things go, treating them importantly is the only way, eh?

well, I only thought of commenting cause of your rant on religion, which I found funny. Frankly, the last paragraph is just nonsense.

cheers to non-sensible writings,