Thursday, 3 June 2010

If you have a weak graphic card

If you have a weak graphic card, and you want to play decent games like Modern Warfare 2 or Conviction, then I have a few tips for you here.

1. Run the game on 800x600 resolution to improve your speed, especially when you're playing online games like Modern Warfare 2. Switch to windowed mode if you couldn't stand looking at all those annoying pixels.

2. Overclock your graphic card and processor to improve your game fps. Look for the tutorials in Google, take your own risk.

3. Lower all the settings, do not max out, and you could just run the game smoothly on 1024x768 resolution full screen.

4. Start the game that you want to improve its framerate. When the game is started, go to task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del. Switch to processes on task manager to where it shows all the processes running on your pc. Find the game you want and right click it. Hover down to "Set Priority" and set it to high (Do not set to realtime! Will cause severe system lagg!) Continue playing your game.

5. Download Game Booster and stop all unnecessary programs. It can help you to optimise your PC for a smoother and more responsive gameplay. It also cleans your RAM and intensifies your processor performance.

6. Don't play new games, play old games. Or just get a new graphic card. Or you buy a new CPU.

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bro339 said...

hi..i just read your solution for the weak graphic card thing..its not very accurate...ive already tried all those solutions before and they dont work...the thing that worked for me is...under the options menu in mw2, go to video and set all settings as "LOW"..with that, you can even run the game at its highest resolution and it wont lag..just make sure all the settings are low!!!