Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Beat Hazard, Madballs in Babo:Invasion

Went to buy two new shirts today. Damn, I am lack of casual shirts. Anyway, I saw a sexy little kid just now. Sorry, that was just a phail joke that no one would laugh at. I downloaded two games in one hour, screw that laggy connection I have. Madballs is quite fun but the camera is somehow annoying, and the worst part is, you can't save the game as its non-steam version. On the other hand, Beat Hazard is freaking addictive. I like the arcade shooting gameplay, its so satisfying. And I get to play my own music collections in that game.

Usher featuring Will.I.Am OMG is so not nice.


Casper Yaoz said...

eh, which website did u use to download games? ><

wilson said...

I use Google most of the times. When I'm lazy, I go here

JAI said... this new games??

wilson said...

Madballs was released last month, Beat hazard beginning this year