Wednesday, 9 June 2010

When you have unlimited airdrops and you abuse them

I found a mod which lets you have unlimited emergency airdrops each time you spawn. I downloaded it and I had fun spamming hundreds of airdrops. If only I could use it with the retarded bots. Anyway, AgentGod loader can only load one mod at a time, so screw that. I want to start a server with this mod next time around. Had been successfully injected the Retarded Enemies into a private match between me and Daniel, but it lagged a lot. Alright, that's all.

I hope more mods will be released soon. One of them include the GunGame. GunGame is actually fun if you love to knife. The game starts with all the players with zero perks and zero guns. The only thing that each and every player could do is to throw a knife. Once a player kills an enemy with a throwing knife, he is rewarded with a gun. That's it. As you kill, you get more guns and perks. I should say it is something like a modded old school mode.

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