Friday, 1 January 2010

2012 is getting nearer

Today is like any other normal day, it is no longer a school holiday. Lets consider tomorrow and Sunday as normal weekends. We have to accept the fact that the school holiday is over and we'll all be going back to school on Monday. Well, it is new year and its freaking SPM year ma de shiat. I hope I can get better results because I want to avoid tution classes.

I managed to unlock the New Haven map after defeating Mad Mel in Borderlands. Seriously, I did not play that game for like a month because I hate those bugs in Dahl Headlands especially those annoying scythids. They like to jump on your head and make that annoying sound which is very very inconvenient. I thought I would not give up on Borderlands, however, after looking at the New Haven map, I decided to give up. The map is so large and I'm sick of playing all those quests in it, I'm halfway through the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and I'm also doing some missions in Devil May Cry 4. Besides that, I'm practicing some moves in SF4. After the holiday, I won't be able to play games that frequent, I know.

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Anonymous said...

Not u too. 2012 is not true =.=