Friday, 29 January 2010

Little Big Planet

PS3 is like the tenth wonder of the world, apart from the internet. Without PS3, there is no live. Well, today is Nicholas' birthday and we had a party at his house. It was fun with all the good food, Soul Calibur 4, GTA 4, Zombieland and moar. We're all like so freaking excited about it since last week, and I can't figure out why.

I went to Boulevard IT to buy a Logitech Dual Analogue Controller for PC and I thought it could be used on the PS3. All the reviews in the internet saying that Logitech controllers are compatible with the PS3 are scam. Don't trust the internet. Because it has ruined my life. Anyway, talking about that controller, it is just so awesome to play Street Fighter 4 and Devil May Cry 4 with it. I'm bored of using the old traditional keyboard and its time for me to move on with a cheap PC controller. I am too cheapskate to buy an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Screw my money.

Went to Nicholas' house at 2 and had a heavy lunch. Later, I played 3 rounds of Soul Calibur 4 with Nelson and Hafreez. First, I could really play that game but after few rounds of spamming and attacking, my hands got really tired controlling the game. I am not used to playing a game with a controller. And I actually lost to Hafreez. Next, GTA 4 is epic. Commiting suicide gameplay is fantastic, especially when we get to make a character jumps off the helicopter. Nicholas should get Nvidia.

Happy birthday Nicholas.

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