Sunday, 3 January 2010

Add Maths and Physics

I need to attend Add Maths and Physics tuition classes starting from this week onwards. I've made my decisions and I'll only go for these tuition classes on weekends. I've seen a lot of students going for tuition but they couldn't produce such good results like Darren and Emileen. Most probably these people, including myself, are not being studious. Well, most of us could not pay attention in classes because some of the teachers never bother to get our attention. They work cause they get paid by the government, they are not like those teachers in the olden days. Way too bad.

And that is why I have to delete my Need For Speed Shift. My computer is running out of disk space. Seriously, I used too many spaces for backup files and games. In less than three months, I've used more than 200GB of my disc space. I think I should buy an external hard drive to store all my games collections, photos and movies.

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