Sunday, 10 January 2010

PS3 Controller

Went to Chemistry tuition with Nicholas and Chung Yu. I missed the class yesterday but surprisingly, I was able to catch up with everything. The teacher taught us quite fast but his teaching skills are really good. I wonder why there are so many differences between school teachers and tuition teachers. I like the way he explains some of the concepts in Chemistry.

So, after the Chemistry tuition, Chung Yu and I followed Nicholas to his house before heading to the Physics tuition. I played Ninja Gaiden and Grand Theft Auto 4 on Nicholas' PS3. It was really fun as that was my first time holding a PS3 controller in my life. My parents never allow me to buy a playstation and thats why I'm uncivilized. Ninja Gaiden has amazing gameplays. The game is similar to Devil May Cry 4 and the new released Ninja Blade. However, I don't really understand GTA4. It is like Prototype and The Sims 3.

Without damping, I can actually swing a baby cradle and it will continue to oscillate although I leave it.


Darren said...

and go to singapore

wilson said...

and miri town