Saturday, 23 January 2010

Kopi Sejuk

Going to school on a Saturday morning is phail. Everyone does not have the urge to study, as well as doing all sorts of unnecessary assignments. They should declare a holiday for us during the Chinese New Year, and not asking us to replace school on a Saturday.

Went to Sarjan Warisan with Nicholas and Chung Yu just now. We ordered drinks and coffee, and I told the waitress I wanted a "kopi sejuk". Then, Nicholas go jio me saying that I don't know how to order drinks as I was supposed to say "kopi peng" instead of "kopi sejuk", and it only matters if you know what I mean. But, he paid for all the drinks. Before that, he only had RM5 but all the drinks costed us RM5.20. Luckily, Chung Yu brought some coins. If not, we had to skip the tuition and wait for some random generous milf to spare us 20 cent.

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