Saturday, 9 January 2010

I finally gave up after eleven years

I thought attending tuition classes does not serve any useful purpose. But I was wrong indeed. After eleven years of studying by myself, I finally gave up. I could not depend on the school teachers as most of them do not really teach what we have to learn, and that is basically one of the reasons why people nowadays tend to go for tuition classes. If school teachers can teach properly, why bother going for tuition classes?

Well, I have registered at Smart and Oxford Tuition Centers. I only take Physics and Chemistry classes as I believe I can catch up with my Additional Mathematics. I went for the Physics tuition just now and that was apparently my very first time attending tuition. Went there and I saw my old schoolmates. The teacher is really good. I like the way he teaches us as I can really pay attention to him. And he tries his best to explain what we couldn't understand. I seriously hope I can get good results in my Physics and Chemistry.

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