Sunday, 5 September 2010

I Need 2600 Visitors to Reach 100,000 Viewers

Two years ago, I was a blog whore. Like seriously, a fucking blog whore. I was so obsessed with my blog that I could actually earn like RM200 from Advertlets and another 150 USD from Adsense, I'm not going to tell you how much I've earned from Nuffnang. Anyway, I started blogging when I was in Form 2. Now, I am already in Form 5 and I'll be sitting for the SPM very soon. My current visitor counts are 97406. No, I didn't refresh and spam my own blog in Firefox to increase the visitor counts.

It took me 3 years to achieve this high. Owh well, I'm not Kennysia or XiaXue or any other popular bloggers who have 20000 viewers in a day. And I don't hack the counter.

So, what I did to achieve 97406 viewers in three years:

1. I spammed other blogs' chatbox with messages like "Nice blog. Visit my blog too."

2. I spammed in Lowyat and I created a lot of threads about my blog in Lowyat. I put my blog link in my signature too.

3. I harass other students in my blog, criticize them, make them angry and as a result, they ask their mates to fuck me. My blog gained popularity and fame since then.
4. I blogged about horny articles to attract perverts.

5. I posted random shits about how to gain visitors, like this post.

6. I spammed in Innit Nuffnang and created 20 emails to increase the number of nangs. I was banned for one month by the Nuffnang administrators.

7. I posted illegal download links (music, movies) to get visitors from Google.

8. I sent forwarded emails to 1000 people with my blog link in it.

Whats the point? I regretted and I'm not going to do all these shits anymore.


k~^|n said...

great....wish ur blog reach 100,000 soon before ur SPM.. good luck!!

sabree hussin said...

By the way still got the desired traffic

ok what

Anonymous said...

madefaker where's the pic?

Anonymous said...

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