Saturday, 4 September 2010

Updates on Call of Duty Black Ops 1

Hey bitches. I'm back with some good news on Call of Duty. The Wager Match and the full multiplayer reveal were released two days ago. I am so excited but whats the point if I don't have a gaming desktop to play this game hard? So, Treyarch is doing a really good job. With all the characters customisation, wager match, new game modes for free for all, recording feature, new killstreaks map perks, everyone is so anxious to preorder it. But not me. I have to go through SPM first before I can actually play this game. I'm planning not to play it on my laptop because I don't think it will meet the minimum system requirements. I want nvidia gtx250.

So lets see what we have in the wager game mode. There are four new modes named One In The Chamber, Stick and Stones, Gun Game and Sharp Shooter. These are four brand new free for all game modes which will be implemented in the game itself. Unlike Modern Warfare 2, you'll have to start a Gun Game mode with a mod launcher or some Alternation mode.

ONE IN THE CHAMBER (Player spawns with one pistol, one bullet, 3 lives) (if you fire and you miss, you're left with melee). STICK AND STONES (you're equipped with a crossbow, ballistic knife. You hit someone, you'll bankrupt that player). GUN GAME (start off with a pistol, every kill you progress to the next higher level weapons). SHARP SHOOTER (all players start with the same randomly selected weapon)

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