Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Today is the 9th of September 2009

I should do a recount on this. Last year, same date, different day, same shit, I wrote a poem to make fun of Federick. I was drawing a pussy and I didn't notice that the teacher was at my back. I wrote crap in my poem, and it was all about horny jokes and offensive words. You know, all of us guys cannot resist to do these kind of shits. This actually proofs that we are human, yet normal. I was given detention by the school authorities and I had to accept it, because I was a prefect. I had to do community service for two weeks, demerit, I was looked down by the teachers and students, I had to do some pledge in front of the students.

Since that day onwards, I stopped all these shit and I started playing lots of games. I never talk about it in school anymore.

School will end in two months and that is the time when all of us can bitch around freely. I'm still a nerd.

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