Saturday, 4 September 2010

Updates on Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Treyarch has set their 3 goals for Call of Duty Black Ops:
1. PC gets every single game feature that the consoles get, but in a way that makes sense for PC.
2. PC gets even more features – the ones that PC gamers want like dedicated servers and more customization.
3. Keep it fun. Protect the integrity of the title through design and post-launch support.

Call of Duty Black Ops PC Multiplayer confirmed:
1. Full feature support
2. Ranked servers where you earn EXP and currency
3. Wager servers where you gamble your currency
4. Combat training against practice dummies (imagine playing with bots in Counter Strike)
5. Theater, create a class. emblem editor, contracts
6. Dedicated Servers, New Server Browser, Dev console, record
7. Mod tools
8. Global Persistent Stats, Leaderboards, Steam Exclusive
9. Valve Anti-Cheat VAC to prevent hackers and cheaters
10. No public server files

Call of Duty Black Ops PC not confirmed:
1. Max players
2. Minimum system requirements

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