Monday, 2 November 2009

15 Malaysia

I was browsing through Namewee's official Facebook page, when I came across a website so called 15 Malaysia. 15 Malaysia is a short film project and it is actually a compilation of 15 short films made by 15 filmmakers. Apparently, it sounds as if the film directors are going against the one Malaysia concept, but if you watch the videos, 15 Malaysia does not involve racisms or whatsoever you might think.

I spent 2 hours watching all the videos, and of all the short films I've watched, I still prefer "Potong Saga", starring Namewee as the main character. On top of that, "slovak sling" is good too.

I scored 53% for both my Add Maths and Physics. So consistent. I feel so proud to have gotten such a "not-so-good" result as I have never went to a tuition centre before. I feel so jealous when Darren can score 95/100 for his Add Maths, while I can only score 51. And my Biology Paper 1 drops too.

I missed all the fun yesterday. I was not able to join my classmates for a LAN party at the Double Star's cyber cafe. Anyway, I am now downloading a few parts of Left 4 Dead 2 Demo. I guess most of you do not trust the demo version. Well, Left 4 Dead 2 Demo would be available to PC and Xbox 360 pre-orders.

"Left 4 Dead 2's demo will hit in early November, but people who pre-order the game will get it a week early, Valve announced today." And I bet this is the reason why it is leaked.

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