Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nicholas has a PS3

So, this is the very first conversation between Nicholas and I.

[21:47] Wilson: eh, when can go ur house?
[21:48] Nicholas: i'll let u guys know
[21:48] Wilson: ok
[21:50] Wilson: this saturday
[21:50] Nicholas: cannot
[21:50] Wilson: i don care
[21:50] Wilson: u said u'll invite me bah
[21:50] Nicholas: come la i close the gate

Well, after that, I told him I wanted to post the conversation into my blog. And this is what he replied.

[22:03] Wilson: i post just now conversation in my blog
[22:04] Nicholas: what ?
[22:04] Wilson: i just post nia, no harm
[22:04] Nicholas: what for
[22:04] Wilson: for fun la, no harm one
[22:05] Nicholas: got meh
[22:05] Wilson: i havent post la
[22:05] Nicholas: wasting ur space only
[22:05] Wilson: nooo

Alright, so basically, that is Nicholas. Anyway, I heard that the school printed out the wrong timing for SPM Moral paper. Such an embarrassment. The test was supposed to start at 8 but the school printed out 10. If this happens to me next year, I'm not sure what I am going to do but its like we've been suffering for 2 whole freaking years to learn Moral, and this is what we get in the end. 2 years learning on how to answer questions in the correct format, 2 years memorising Nilai and Definisi. And then, the real exam starts earlier than it is supposed to be.

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