Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Taking the bus home alone

It was apparently my first time taking the school bus home, without being accompanied by my friends. I seldom use the bus as my parents always send me home right after school. But it was a different thing just now. Both my parents were busy and no one could send me home. I had thought of carpooling, but frankly speaking, I feel very awkward when I'm riding on someone else's car.

So, the most annoying thing about taking a bus home is when the bus leaves me and I have to wait for like an hour before the other buses arrive. On top of that, the least annoying thing is to walk a very long distance from the bus stop to my house. I bet most of you do not get what I mean.

I've got Warcraft 3 at last, from Chung Yu. I always wanted to play this game, not because of what, its all because everyone is talking about it. It is seriously impossible if no one plays Dota in the Cyber Cafe. So, after installing the game and started up everything, I realised that I was lost. I did not know which key to bind with, I didn't even know the controls. I couldn't kill the creeps. I wanted to play it but I had seriously no idea on how to play that game. Gotta ask some tutorials from Chung Yu and Jacky tomorrow.

8 files left to LEFT 4 DEAD 2. Hey, it rhymes, 8 files left to left 4 dead 2. Look at this, 8 files left 2 left 4 dead 2, it rhymes, isn't it.

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