Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My daily routine

It is just the first day of the school holiday and I am right now suffering from boredom. I can't wait for the school to reopen so that I can have more gossips with my fellow friends. Miss that a lot.

My Daily Routine

1. Downloading Dragon Age Origins
2. Waking up late in the afternoon
3. Trying to get through all the spec-ops missions in Modern Warfare 2
4. Waiting for my mum to cook chicken curry
5. Thinking about how I could manage my time well for the upcoming SPM 2010
6. Looking for phail blogs
7. Hanging out in
8. Attempting to learn and cover all the subjects in Form 5
9. Facebook
10. Upgrading my levels in Torchlight game
11. Criticizing about Left 4 Dead 2 about how boring the game is
12. Imagining about unnecessary things
13. Looking for new Chinese New Year songs
14. Sitting on the floor looking at the ceiling while thinking about what I should do next

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