Saturday, 7 November 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

New guns


Knife and blood splash

That's all for now. It took me 1 week to download this 3 GB demo as the file is hosted at Rapidshare, Rapidshare has the worst file delivery service ever. All privileges go to Rapidshare premium members. If the file is hosted at Mega Upload, I would be playing this game few days ago, but too bad, no one is willing to upload it there.

Left 4 Dead 2 demo is really awesome although we can only play in "The Parish". In the episode, they provide us with a few maps that we have to go through. I've found a few new melee weapons and they are baseball bat, frying pan, sword or knife and guitar. Besides that, I've found three new armed weapons such as the rifle, new shotgun and a new machine gun, I dunno what they are called.

I'll be coming back with more updates on the special infected like Jockey, Spitter, Charger and security-guard-like infected. I have the pictures now but lazy to upload. Till then.


Anonymous said...

:"" good game "" \GHOST/

SOV said...


JACKAL ..106 to a 305 said...

all so FARCRY 2 is A GOOD GAME

Anonymous said...

cool.. L4D CAN ther be a a 3

kgb it

Кто говорит said...

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