Friday, 18 December 2009

Left 4 Dead Classic

One thing good about playing Left 4 Dead is that you can modify the map easily. Unlike Left 4 Dead 2, you have to edit lots of files and serious problems might occur if you edit those files incorrectly. Basically, it is called the Barricade Builder cheats. When you enable this cheat in the game, you can spawn vehicles and add unnecessary objects like the rock cliff, bath tub, police barricade and others. It is fun.

I was so curious last night. I went to chat with a stranger in Omegle and I asked her about girls erection. I even posted a topic about it on some random online community. So, that girl replied me saying that girls never get erections as they don't have penises. Be more open minded please. Then, I just found out that girls have a sexual organ that is only found in female mammals, called the clitoris. Enough of that. Google it if you want to find more about it. Besides, we'll all be learning about this in Form 5.

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