Sunday, 6 December 2009

Today is a great day

So, I guess I had gone through periods of depression as I couldn't install Borderlands and Gears of War. I bought the Gears of War for RM20 and could not install it due to Microsoft Runtime Error. I just spent the RM20 for a piece of shit. Anyway, why would you consider buying a broken game when you could actually use the money to buy reference books?

I woke up quite early today to fix the Borderlands setup. I downloaded a lot of reloaded cracks and fixes for the gamefile. I even installed the latest Microsoft Visual C edition and guess what, it worked like charm! I could play my Borderlands at last! I played it for 10 minutes and I'm right now at Level 7, it is really easy to upgrade your level as you only need to do quests and accomplish your tasks.

Gears of War still remains as shit.


Anonymous said...


buy pirate game and cant get it to work and u whine bout it.


Anonymous said...

For gears of war. Trying setting ur pc date to 1st january 2009. it worked for me. lol

Anonymous said...

Ive done so many fucking thing and it never work