Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Today is the worst day ever

As stated in my previous post, my father was admitted to the General Hospital for getting a dengue fever. Few moments ago, I just reached home after sending my mum and my younger sis to the hospital. My sis has been confirmed to be dengue-positive. Well, I'm going to write very long to kill my free time, right now.

So, today is basically the worst day ever. I had to wake up at 3.00 am in the morning as I couldn't sleep, suffering from insomnia I guess. I grabbed the chance to download the new released Serious Sam HD. Surprisingly, the internet speed wasn't that stable. It took me a few hours to download and setup that game but unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed with the game. Serious Sam HD is a remake of the classic Serious Sam First Encounter. They should add more weapons into that game.

After that, I saw Nicholas sending Tang Yuan to someone special at around 7.00 in the morning. And I think he should just give up on her, don't put too much hope in her dude. Later at around 10.00 am, my mum brought both of my sisters to the clinic for their bloodtests. I stayed at home, alone. I didn't fap. I continued with my Team Fortress 2 download which took me three hours to finish all the downloads. Good thing that Streamyx doesn't throttle the Megaupload speed anymore. Then, I tried to download Dragon Age but I gave up because the whole game is just too big. I'm now downloading Devil May Cry 4 and I hope I can play it tomorrow, a few GB left.

I'm feeling very sleepy right now but I'm forcing myself to stay awake because I have 45 minutes left to download finish the first part of Devil May Cry 4. It has taken me 5 hours, approximately. But it is worth the wait, I think. When I was home alone, I went to check my body temperature as I was being too paranoid about getting a dengue fever. My whole family members have been infected, except for me. It is like Adam Lambert singing gayly, Maybe its time for miracles. I tried around ten thermometers, lol. At least he is better than Jacob fag.

In the afternoon, we went to have our lunch at a nearby foodstall and I forgot to put on some mosquito repellent. I ordered a plate of chicken rice and a can of Soya Bean. I know this is not important but I'm trying to make this post longer as I have absolutely nothing to do right now. 38 minutes left. Alright, so before I went home, I bought some pink jelly and a piece of cake with Kiwi Juice lining for my younger sister. She barely eats since the day she got the fever. So, we have to force her to eat in order to make sure that she has enough energy to do the bloodtests.

I felt so sleepy and exhausted as I woke up at 3.00 am. One thing bad about not having enough sleep, I tend to shit and fart a lot. I don't know why but it is happening to me whenever I wake up very early in the morning, especially when I'm taking the Semester exams. So, in the afternoon, after coming home from lunch, I tried to sleep but there were like so many distractions. The phone calls just kept on coming. My grandma, my aunts and my relatives kept on calling us to ask us about my dad's conditions and stuffs like that. And I had to answer most of the calls because I'm like the only healthy one.

30 minutes left. So, back to story, everyone in my family is sick except for me. I'm forced to do all the housework. I seldom do this kind of housework and I'm not used to it, but now I am. Imagine if I could grow some muscles for doing all these work. That's just a dream baby. At 3.00 pm, my mum called the doctor and she was told that my sis is dengue-positive. Meaning that she has to be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.

27 minutes left. I followed them to the hospital as they didn't want my older sis to drive back home alone. She's having a fever right now and she's sleeping. Suppose today we are having a reunion dinner for the Tang Yuan festival but unluckily, most of us could not make it. On top of that, I have a wedding dinner this Friday, my cousin is getting married and I seriously hope that I can go.

24 minutes left. I won't give up. We'll all be going back to school in less than two weeks. I don't mind going back to school to chat with my friends and gossip whole day long. But I just hate it when I have to sit for examinations and stuffs like that. Especially when I have to sit inside the classroom for a few hours and I couldn't get what the teacher teaches. I hope I can do it next year and get better results.

20 minutes left. Imma stop this post now. It is weird.

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