Sunday, 6 December 2009

One Life Revolution

I received two missed calls from Hafreez today and I thought it was my grandmother. I didn't bother to answer the telephone calls as I was inside my own bedroom fixing the Borderlands setup. At around 10 am, I received few messages and I thought something urgent was happening. I was wrong indeed. I called Hafreez back and he told me to go for the One Life Revolution volunteer training at Hwai En church today as we could not go to Curtin University tomorrow.

I quickly packed everything up and eventually skipped my breakfast. I went to Hafreez' house and then, we used a spare bus to go to Parkson as I wanted to change my Gears of War disc. We reached the PC Game shop and I told the guy everything about the installation error. I guess he thought that I was doing a prank or something. He tried installing the game and surprisingly, he could start the game up.

Hafreez and I went to have our lunch at the foodcourt. So, I decided to give the Lemon Chicken Rice a try. However, the Lemon Chicken Rice was a disappoinment. The lemon juice on the chicken looked like Booger, as claimed by Hafreez. The lemon tasted so weird and the rice wasn't cooked properly.

Later, we took a bus and we stopped at Boulevard. We walked all the way to his house. We thought of stopping by at Nicholas' house to give him a surprise but we didn't. After that, we walked to the Hwai En church and we saw a thief. That dude was riding on a bicycle and he was asking Hafreez about some random dogs' food. And he went away without doing anything, but I still wanna call him a thief.

Reached the church and went into the main hall. We registered our names and the girl informed us that volunteers should be 18 and above. We had been pranked by the email, apparently. However, the girl was kind enough to let us join them. We could not understand Mandarin and so, we were provided a translator. The translator was so good to us that she told us everything about the upcoming exhibition. Had so much fun time during the training course as I lied to Hafreez that I got a boner. During the Aids and HIV talk, I just found out that HIV can also be spread when a man has sexual intercourse with another man.

Too bad that we are 18 and below, they gave us a different tasks. We had to help them to set everything up, and dismantle everything after the exhibition. But its good that I'll be doing my part as a volunteer for this awesome program.

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