Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My grandma just gave me a call

I was doing some quests in Borderlands when the phone rang. My grandmother called me and she was asking me about my dad and stuffs. So this is the conversation.

Grandma: Hello, who is this? (In Teo Chew language)
Wilson: KNNMCB
Grandma: TNB

Fine, that isn't the real conversation. Here it is.

Grandma: Hello, who is this?
Wilson: I'm little brother.
Grandma: Your father got go work or not?
Wilson: Got, why no leh?
Grandma: Because I hear he sick ma.
Wilson: He can still work.
Grandma: Dun wan disturb you liao.
Wilson: Okay
Grandma: You go continue with your study liao.
Wilson: Bye.

Her assumption is very accurate indeed, in a sarcastic voice. Anyway, I've created another character in Borderlands, hah. I choose Berserker but I'm kind of disappointed with his skills. His iron fists and juggernauts are way too common. On top of that, I have found some download links for the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC. I'm happy.

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